How to setup domain emails in Outlook

This is a walk through video tutorial on how to setup your email on MS Office Outlook. Below are the server  details to use when configuring your accounts. Please remember to substitute “yourdomain” with your actual domain name. source

Dinosaur Game Challenge

There is a lot of research proving that playing games during your work breaks can be beneficial to your productive by reducing mental fatigue. Play the famous Google Dinosaur Game during your breaks and see how far you can go before you get back on the horse! source

The 12 Traits of Profitable Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are a unique breed – they suppose totally different, act totally different, and reside totally different than the remainder of society. Nonetheless, the profitable ones all appear to share just a few of the identical traits with one another. Listed below are 12 of the most typical: Entrepreneurs perceive that the success of the enterprise in the end rests […]

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